Surge in B2B embedded finance demand

Most US B2B businesses are familiar with embedded finance and already offer a solution.

Key takeaway: The top three critical business pain points being solved by embedded finance today are: customer retention, cash flow management and revenue growth.

So says Juniper Research in collaboration with Galileo Financial Technologies.

Take note: Galileo Financial Technologies is a financial technology company owned and operated independently by SoFi Technologies (NASDAQ quoted), so has an interest in the findings. The company is based in Hampshire, UK, and Salt Lake City, US.


  • 85% of B2B businesses are familiar with the concept;
  • 65% of those not currently offering a solution are now considering it;
  • 68% would prefer to offer such services from a non-bank provider;
  • payments, employee/employer services and credit and lending solutions are the top three use cases in market today.
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