Cloud Bike enters Moroccan market

Moroccan startup Cloud Bike is beginning to sell its Telus electric bikes brand to its home market, having previously exclusively exported to the EU and the US.

Sigificance: Demand for sustainable Telus bikes in the home market is rising and the 15% sold in Morocco will commercialise electric bikes in the country.

More about the bike:

  • known as electrically assisted bicycle (VAE);
  • foldable for easy storage;
  • range of 50 to 100km;
  • have a safety lock on the lithium battery;
  • battery charges fully in 4 to 5 hours;
  • pricing ranges from MAD 7600 ($695.53) to MAD 11,875 ($1,086.77).

So who are they: Cloud Bike started in 2018 in Tangier and manufactures its range of bikes locally. It has exploited increasing local demand for bikes that are sustainable, stylish, lifestyle relevant and are of a high quality.

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