Can you swim across an ocean after just a few strokes practice in the bathtub?

Are you able to run a marathon after only five minutes of training?

Well, no. So why do companies now expect to fill their sales pipelines after a day of spray-and-pray marketing? Everyone wants instant results, instantly. But why did they invent the slow food movement? Because instant food tastes terrible.

Marketing should be the long game, building a consistent profile through content marketing that customers trust and that will empower their buying decisions. Marketing isn’t rocket science, it’s hard work. And this is our core proposition.

Blended comms from finContent

Ever get that feeling you’re shouting – trying to get your message across to your key audiences, and it’s just going unheard? You’re lost in the white noise?

And worse, there’s many of you, shouting in different voices, ending up in a jumbled, confused message.

You have no voice, no tone, no consistency.

It’s a problem for many startups and scaleups. In those early years the focus is rarely on comms and how you’re perceived by the outside world. You just grind it out.

We advise companies on how to communicate better, with one voice and with defined aims. What’s even better, we actually do it for you – becoming a resource which you can tap into while you focus on your business.

We get it.

We are a small team of PR, content marketing, social media and newsletter marketing experts who specialise in the tech space, both startups and scaleups. We offer what we call blended comms – all the pieces of the jigsaw, ready-made, straight out of the box.

We provide always-on consultancy, focused on how to:

  • talk with one voice;
  • exploit your content opportunities;
  • how to build meaningful relationships with the media;
  • create social media strategies which support your content and PR strategies;
  • use newsletters to create dialogue;
  • effectively communicate with your key stakeholders.

The team works with some of the leading startups to help build effective communications strategies.

If you think we could help out with your voice, please contact us via the form below and we’ll send you our deck. Thank you.

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Why blended comms?

We feel this term best describes what we offer.

Smaller companies can’t afford the big marketing strategies that come as the budget grows.

So, you have to make do with what you’ve got. What’s in the tool box? How do you squeeze the marketing bucks? How do you make every idea work?

And we live in a time when watching the dollars is crucial. No longer are we all feeding on the growth trip, profitability is now the thing and that means being careful with the dosh.

We know that. We live that.

But, it’s fun – this marketing game.

What’s better than talking to founders and their teams, taking all that effort, innovation and sweat, and communicating it to the outside world. How cool is that? Does it get any better?

And hey, we’re not going to get along with everyone, but we put ourselves on the lines for our clients. We want to do our very best for them.

Like the sound of that – do you want an added resource to do some of the heavy lifting? Talk to us now and see how we can become part of your team.