Okay, so what do we mean by blended comms?

At the heart, where it all starts is how to market your content.

A company publishes so many forms of content and each one will, like it or not, be judged on substance, voice, tone and yes, spelling and grammar. Now, this content can be text, audio, video and animation. And it can be in the form of a blog, shareholder update, long form article, podcast, or infographic.

Each piece of content needs to be properly constructed, with a reasoned objective and with the audience firmly in mind. Crucially, this does not mean the content has to be formulaic – content which lacks personality will not engage the reader/watcher and will fail.

Good content will hit the mark – bad content will disappoint.

The purpose of content is engage and produce a reaction – whether that is simply enjoying understanding an idea, well explained, or a reaction, a click that will stimulate lead generation.

But above all, content has to bring something to the party. It has to deliver and for us, each content form is a puzzle that can be unlocked. That’s the fun for us – moulding words and pictures to create content that is thought-provoking.

And we believe we have the skill sets, and vision to take your content to a higher level.

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