Companies will take great care when it comes to design, legal affairs and personnel, but when it comes to writing (and here, external parties gain much of their initial impressions from what they read about company), there´s almost a dismissive shrug of the shoulders and the view, “…it´s just a blog right? Get the intern to do it.”

Now, no disrepect to interms, many of whom are we are sure good writers, but writing is one of the artform and its not just about style, its about how that piece of work is crafted and used.

And you need to ask yourself some key questions:

  • why are you doing it (is there a compelling reason to prepare this conent);
  • who´s it aimed at (customers, investors, the media)?
  • what do you hope to achieve with it (how do you judge success);
  • what´s the next action (how are you following up);
  • is it part of a given strategy (how does it fit in the overall strategy.

So if you ever say to yourself, its just a blog right, stop right there and give us a call.

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