Jingle Pay joins forces with AFS

Financial app Jingle Pay, a provider of money services in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, has joined forces with Arab Financial Services (AFS), a digital payments solutions provider and fintech enabler in the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

So what? The pair say that they can now deliver “…unique digital payments and exceptional customer experience in the Kingdom of Bahrain.” It will expand Jingle Pay’s footprint in the region and “…simplify the everyday financial lives of the masses.”

Jingle Pay serves the lives of young adults who are seeking an instant, accessible and user-friendly application to service their daily financial needs. It provides expatriates with the world-first remittance marketplace. 

Moved to tears, or moved to the door? You cringe everytime companies use the phrase “…customer experience…”, but it makes the point. The test of this of course will be what the app users think. Fintechs live and die by growing user numbers, and this deal with AFS should boost the reach. Not sure about the phrase “…financial lives of the masses…” though. Lets hope the masses will be pleased.

In Bahrain, Jingle Pay app users will have access to:

  • instant account opening;
  • multi-currency cards;
  • instant and fee-free money transfers to over 160 countries and some 99 currencies;
  • P2P payments including splitting bills;
  • AI-embedded financial analytics.
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