Moroccan fintechs get the nod for The Web Summit

Two Moroccan fintechs have been invited to attend The Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

The first is Fastdok which has developed a SaaS tool that creates documents for multiple sectors. The second is Henceforth, which provides car repair loans.

Both have been invited via the Summit´s startup programme, ALPHA. The Summit starts on Tuesday 1 November and lasts four days. Its an annual tech shindig which attracts over 70,000 attendees, combining talk on emerging technoligies, the internet and the investment industry.

The ALPHA programme has invited 52 startups in all. Those chosen had to demonstrate potential and ideas that will change the world. To join The Web Summit ALPHA programme, founders can start HERE.

African fintechs made up 25 of those invited, from Chad, Egypt, Gambia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Tunisia.

Ahkili (Tunisia)

AppExperts (Egypt)

Bekia, Inc. (Egypt)

CarNet (Tunisia)

Chopser (Gambia) (Tunisia)

Cylon Accounting (South Africa)

Dojah Inc. (Nigeria)

Fastdok (Morocco)

Flickwheel (Nigeria)



Kamioun (Tunisia) (Chad)

Olado Business Group Limited (Rwanda)

Payper (South Africa)

Paytek – iMali Digital Account (Mozambique)

Seqoon (Egypt)

SgharToon (Tunisia)

SmartWage (South Africa)

SubsBase (Egypt)

Synapse Analytics (Egypt)

TITA TEC Limited (Nigeria)True Delta (Tunisia)

truQ (Nigeria)