New all-in-one digital wallet from Credics

New all-in-one digital wallet from Credics.

A new all-in-one digital wallet from Credics aims to transform the consumer fintech experience.

Credics, an Israeli fintech company, has launched CREDOPLUS, which it describes as a …”first-of-a-kind digital wallet that embodies simple yet flawless interactions is set to unite the worlds of consumerism, finance, and loyalty programmes.”

Credics believes that customer loyalty programmes are an an essential way to increase customer interaction. Yet they are not necessarily easy to set up and tend to be limited in features. And businesses need the ability to create a customer loyalty programme in a way that is simple and fast. 

Credics adds that the ideal loyalty programme is one that lets businesses stay in constant touch with their customers, follow their purchase patterns, and deliver perfectly personalised recommendations and rewards.

What’s more, businesses should be able to go beyond that and offer customers an advanced digital wallet that offers a comprehensive system for all types of payment, including crypto-currency, debit card, credit card, top up cards and money transfer.