Digital wallet helps children with financial literacy

Parkway Nigeria has launched a new digital wallet for children.

It’s called Little and the aim is to help Nigerian children with financial literacy.

Chief Operating Officer Angela Essien told The Guardian (Nigeria) that the digital wallet is “…bridging the gap between financial education and financial independence.

“It comes with a debit card for children. Little is essentially a pocket money card. It comes with a personalised debit card with a security pin, for children aged nine and above to use and a mobile app for the parents to send money, monitor and set boundaries.

“The Little app allows parents to limit the places where the card can be used and block inappropriate transactions, and also provides convenience for parents with children in boarding schools as they no longer need to travel long distances to provide money for their children. Parents can also stay up-to-date on how much their children are spending as transaction reports are sent directly to them.”