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finContent is a hybrid media website

finContent is a hybrid media website, based on news and comment, mostly in the fintech space, which has a focus on the unbanked and underbanked, and related subjects.

It started because as a small content marketing team, we wanted a public portfolio of our approach to content in general and a way of recording news which is important to us. We use tools such as Evernote and Roam Research to keep track on what’s happening, so we thought, why not create a live repository – where we could create a resource for others to use?

This we could use in our role as content creators and strategists for our clients, but also help the debate on financial inclusion.

This interest was sparked some years ago when we listened to a fintech founder talking about financial inclusion as a human right. Not something dished out by an elitist financial services industry, but something that every world citizen has a right to. They were dead right. It’s an important as other key human right. People should have access to financial services that means they have a chance to efficiently manage their money. It’s that simple.

As for our editorial style, we are eclectic. So quick fire news and longer form features in the old style, for those who like a longer read. With those with less time, we have written our stories in the Smart Brevity style, created by some very clever US journalists who know that content has to get to the point immediately. So, short headline, first sentence a precis of the story and then why it matters. Then, we add our own opinion – we’ve spent years writing on finance and fintech, so we do like to add a touch of commentary. But, we keep it short.

In all, we hope you like it. 😄